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a waste?

is this gonna be a waste?
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its never a waste....
i know you have things that you itch to write about...
i just know it...

what have you been waiting for? :D
spill it already..

hey you....I knew I'd find you here if nowhere else....don't be a strange by all means but not a stranger....

100% M

YOu don't be a stranger! :D
how are things?
Things?....things are good for the most part. Remember crystal heart?...well, she's here for a visit but will probably be going home in the morning. The kids and liz are all doin' ok. I'm still the same frustrated artist I always was....never enough time to do the things I really wanna do... too many people depending on Me. I was glad to find you still here. it was your birthday the other day and I was thinking of you and decided to try to find you. I see you are still playing with Photoshop.....and you've learned to use it well I might add....keep it up...


heh crystal heart...yeah i remember.. :) that is cool..what is she like? its good to hear your kids and liz are doing good.

i know how it feels to be frustrated...
as i am...alot..maybe more than i should be..

thank you for looking for me.. :)
my life is still sorta....dragging..
but i am happy when i can be..especially when i am around my monkey..