Inked (inked) wrote,


Picking at the scab of your existence…
revealing the putrid and bloody truth…
that is your moral conscience…
the words you spout mean nothing…
when your decaying heart…
pollutes your every thought…
you think your mind can keep it together…
and overthrow your blackened heart…
but the heart is callused and strong…
scarred from years of abuse…
you try desperately to do and say the right thing…
logic tries to take control…
only to become yet another lesson in futility…
it is time to allow the wound to heal…
stop picking at it and except the coldness of it…
except the rightfulness of it…
be the cold-hearted fuck that you are…
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whenever you have some time..go here and send me text messages! :) lots.. like them! :D
thanks soo much for that text message Starry:Man*! you should send more indeed! :D

hope You have been well.

i just made a forum for my domain and i would love if you joined and shared some of your art and writings and whatever else you would like. :)

please please please..hehehe.. =)
how come You never post anything anymore, Starry:Man*
i wish You did.

i miss it and i miss You.
you are never going to post again, are you? =(
You should definitely come outta hiding Mister. =P
hope you had a wonderful christmas and a most fabulous new year Starry:Man*
i miss You...

=) now come post lots of lyrics!

hehe...hope You have been well Starry:Man*
why don't You post in here anymore?
You would be nice..

miss You.

ok..... I'll post..... but just for you


13 years ago

how have you been?
i miss Your posts..
i miss You...
i miss our talks..
i miss Your voice

i hope everything is well....
You have been in my thoughts.

it was nice to talk with You the other night.
its strange how time always flies and you loose yourself.
it was calming to hear Your voice,
because it was familliar and safe.

i'm glad You are well Starry:Man*

Deleted comment

why, my mysterious friend, did you post in my journal? Peaceful times to you....

Re: why?


12 years ago

do You realise that have posted in this entry alone over 13 times??! what does that mean? =D it means start posting in this journal, or i am going to hunt You down and eat You! =D


i can't sleep Starry:Man*
i have the flu and yesterday i slept like the whole day a way. and when i woke up... i felt soo bad...i got sick. =( i hate that..its been like 5 days since i got the flu..why am i getting like sick?

so i laid back down and i got up like 2 hours later and i have been up ever since.. i tried to lay down... i tried to get sleepy..

its lonely here sometimes..and cold..

rawr....pooor little kitten, huh?

hehe...nevermind me...
i don't think am as innocent as i seem..

i am listening to marilyn manson at 646am!!

i should be in bed though.i will never get better..
but i am tired of sleeping for days..

I was just randomly entering words/names, looking to add to my interest lists, and I came across your lj. I'm intrigued... Do you mind if I friend you and spy for a li'l bit?
don't mind at all.... but be warned, I don't write often...

Re: found you...


12 years ago

=) its ali..
i made a name change..
please add this journal..