Inked (inked) wrote,

Some Girls

Some girls squirm
Some girls wiggle
Some girls scream
Some girls giggle

Some girls laugh
Some girls cry
Some girls float
Some girls fly

Some girls blush
Some girls flirt
Some girls flow
Some girls squirt

Some girls do
Some girls don't
Some girls can
But they just won't
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Some girls squirm
Some girls wiggle

my monkey would say i was both.. :D

more writing please.. *grins*
i just realised most of Your interests are all bands.. :) that is pretty neat. :)

i think You and i have like one common interest :D
no wait! there are 6 common interests..
i miscounted bad.. ~lol~

forgive me..
count again....I added a few...up to 8 now....
aww You cheated! :D


October 20 2005, 08:41:34 UTC 12 years ago

Some girls queef.
Some girls fart.

I never was much for poetry, but you're pretty good.
What about the girls who do them all?